Meder Dzhamanbaev: Business trainings for youth

  • Competition: Youth4South Video Solution Entries
  • Description: Hello everyone! My name is Meder. I am from the Kyrgyz Republic. I am 25, have 3 degrees and 13 years of experience in a wide range of sectors. High unemployment, lack of quality education and motivation for development creates lots of challenges for youth in Kyrgyzstan (700 000 Kyrgyz citizens out working outside the country). I believe and i act because our future is in youth and its entrepreneurship, what can we do to help them? That made me start sharing my business skills and experience with and for youth. I started training school children and university students on how to start a business, how to sell, build marketing strategy, motivation and time management. A big emphasis was given to rural areas, so that everyone can access my free trainings! So far, I reached - 30 trainings to more than 1,500 people and 10 existing start-ups based on my consultations! The main mission of my trainings is to raise awareness, play role-model and equip young people to engage in entrepreneurship. Small and medium business is the engine of economic growth! And it corresponds to the following SDGs to reach the Agenda 2030: 1. No poverty, 4. Quality education, 8. Decent work and economic growth, and 11. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Here are a few examples of students who successfully passed my training and now doing the business. The second stage was my own business with 11 students, aged 18-20 years. It is - the construction company called ALLADIN! We employ more than 150 young workers. We repair-do finishing works, manufacture furniture and windows, and do construction. This is JUST the beginning and I am developing my skills in order to keep track of developments, build partnerships and continue providing knowledge to the youth. Small and medium enterprise development BY YOUTH and FOR YOUTH!

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