Irvandias Sanjaya: D'Era-GON (Disability Era Goes On Development)

  • Competition: Youth4South Video Solution Entries
  • Description: D'Era-GON (Disability Era Goes On Development) is a sociopreneur business model which focus on SDGs goal number 10 of Reduced Inequalities. D'Era-GON very spesific on tackling the issue of inequalities problem (economic issue) in Bina Siwi orphanage (local private disability orphanage) in Bantul area (60km away from city) because they only received 400 USD in a year to cover all the needs (education, economic, etc) for 50 various of disabled. D'Era-GON comes with the business intervention of producing Batik (local indigenous fashion of Indonesia) that designed by disabled's hands writing towards addressing the former issue of Bina Siwi's Batik product that only sold for 5 pieces within a year because of problems (Bad quality of raw material using, normal Batik's pattern, and lack of Marketing strategy) to be handled for making 700 sold Batik's product during a year (2016 - 2017) accros Java island with total profit of 3500 USD after receiving a grants total of 2000 USD from international foundations.

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