Omar Cisse: Pan-africanism/Supporting and Empowering Women

  • Competition: Youth4South Video Solution Entries
  • Description: P/SEW is a project and movement that focuses on Gender Equality through work by improving women's and girls living conditions in Senegal, and more importantly creating jobs for women: we believe that they have skills and they are able to raise the economy. Because there are many women in Senegal without any work, we must do something in order to change this situation: Women who do not have work, or women with no education or limited education may face certain consequences such as begging, unwanted pregnancies and lack of access to basic needs. As students, we know the importance that women have in society. They have a lot of innate skills which are not always acknowledged. For example, they impart values to their children by playing the role of a teacher in their homes. Moreover, they can sell and make clothes, cook meals, and grow vegetables. Unfortunately, they often do not have the necessary means to do these tasks. Thus, our goal is to engage those women in social entrepreneurship, to give them the right education so that they become active and dynamic leaders in society. We want to give to women opportunities to discover that they can get everything they want, that they can serve their country in many ways. We are young students based at Gaston Berger University, Senegal.

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