Cyprus Casinos Do Not Know The Crisis

Cyprus casinos still have a bright future behind them. Indeed, casinos are rampant in this small island where there are nearly 31 gaming establishments. Even if casinos are prohibited on the southern coast of the island, gambling circles are very popular with tourists, particularly from abroad. Many visitors come only to visit the place, other players are playing their cards right on the table. Everyone’s comfort is present, people meet, discuss and exchange. A family spirit with a luxurious side shows the quality of the domain of the place.

However, it seems that talks on the passage of an upcoming law concerning the legalization of gambling casinos in the south could be passed by the end of 2013. Seen with resplendent success in the north of l ‘ile, the South understood that casinos play a very important role in the financial economy of the country.

An unprecedented economic crisis hits the heart of Cyprus. Means must therefore be made in order to cover the State’s debt. Seaside resorts and hotels are therefore no longer sufficient to satisfy tourism. For the moment, nothing has been decided. The casinos now only fear that they will compete with each other and see a decline in customer base.

Plus, it will eventually be much more difficult to dash profits as taxes keep increasing over the years. In 1960, casinos were banned in the territory. Mentalities are starting to change. Things should move on soon. In the meantime, the players well present in the casinos of the north of the island are very relaxed and motivated to win the jackpot. A player, a career businessman whom we will call Alain, told us that he used to sell personal items that he did not use to play in order to exercise his passion. According to him, his wallet allows him to play more than 10,000 dollars a day, sometimes it can happen to him to play a lot more. And yet, the businessman is well aware of the risks and wants to be reasonable on these bets.

But now, Alain is not allowed to play at the casino. Indeed, Alain is Turkish Cypriot and yet he plays. He finds the casino to be a means of relaxation. Citizens are not allowed to gamble since Cyprus became an independent country under the Orthodox Church.

In any case, casinos in Cyprus are therefore not experiencing the crisis. More than 50 million dollars in terms of turnover were collected by the State during the year 2012.

However, each year the taxes are much higher, and more and more casinos are faced with an unprecedented turnover that continues to increase. Gambling establishments have less and less profit. There is a decrease in turnover over time and that worries them. Even if the south has the project to create new casinos and legalize them, the game directors of some establishments are a little worried. If the new law passes as planned, it could harm some casinos in Cyprus, especially those located at the top of the north of the island.

But now, Cyprians love to play. For now, the casinos live from day to day in order to satisfy as much as possible the distraction of the players without thinking too much about the future and in the hope that everything will go on like clockwork.

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The Regulation Of Online Games Is A Real Success In Spain

Two years later after France, Spain opened a regulation of its online games. It is among these different gaming platforms that Pokerstars, PartyPoker, sportingBet and 888 have been one of the first to have benefited from the Spanish clientele.

Despite the fact that the Spanish gaming commission had been very strict on the regulations, the operators were not impressed. The maximum stakes on the tables had been set up to € 5 / € 10.

We are in 2013, and the Spanish authorities have posted the first results. The turnover in 2012 is very satisfactory and much more positive than one could have hoped. Spain loves Poker and gambling. It’s a fact. According to this encouraging finding, nearly one in 3 people play on an online gaming platform.

Still far behind the figures for France, Spain is not discouraged. It multiplied on its own, which it did in one year compared to the figures for France in 3 years. The players are much more active and are ready to break all records.

The number of players who are used to franchise gambling on the net has grown from 200,000 active players to 1,000,000 players. Figures evaluated over just one year. A very promising and clearly positive acceleration for our country.

But now, Spain is experiencing this success for several reasons: Spain indeed offers online poker but it also allows foreign companies to operate on its territory. Online casinos such as roulette, virtual one-armed bandits and all interactive games continue to proliferate and are licensed by the Spanish government.

How Can We Explain This Sharp Increase In Traffic And Results In Less Time?

Everything is however very clear. About thirty gaming licenses were accepted by the government as soon as the online gaming legislation came out.

First, we see that the Spanish like gambling and are registered on at least 2 platforms. The second reason is that a citizen spends on average around 650 euros to 750 euros per year in online games whether in physical or virtual casinos.

However, the crisis is very present in Spain and people are playing in the hope of winning. It looks like they want to start over with their lives and that he’s looking for a way to make some money. And yet, none of them suggests that they have a gambling addiction.

The state, which requires a fixed tax on each license that it assigns to operators, has recovered nearly 140 million euros this year. The coffers are full and will delight governments. The market seems to be heading towards a bright future.

According to the authorities, the figures will continue to increase until 2013. The modernization of technology and communication has enabled Spanish citizens to play while moderating their responsibility in the game. More than 60% of players buy their tickets lottery on the Internet. Things are modernizing.

The Spanish government, which was looking at all costs for a way to find new resources in the face of the financial crisis, will have won its first bet.

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