Community of Practice for sharing experiences on adaptation for food security and resilience

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  • Location(s): Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Haiti, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Sudan, Tanzania
  • Type(s): Solution
  • Theme(s): Climate Change, Food Security
  • SDG(s): 2. Zero Hunger, 13. Climate Action
  • Locations in Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, Tanzania
  • Types in Africa: Solution
  • Themes in Africa: Climate Change, Food Security
  • SDGs in Africa: 2. Zero Hunger, 13. Climate Action
  • Types of ComSec Solutions: Solution


With the support of UNDP, the National Council for the Environment for Sustainable Development in Niger organized in March 2015 an international workshop on sharing experiences on food security and resilience, which brought together 11 countries. The result is the establishment of a community of practitioners.


Ending hunger, ensuring food security and improving nutrition are at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals. The world is committed to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger by 2030.

Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most food-insecure regions in the world. Climate change, particularly the more and more extreme and frequent meteorological hazards, are impacting agro-ecosystems, agricultural production and livelihoods on which much of the more vulnerable rural population depends.

Therefore, ensuring food security in the face of climate change is one of the most important challenges facing policy makers seeking to prioritize actions to reduce vulnerability and increase the resilience of food systems to ensure food security and livelihoods. good nutrition for all.

Created by Decree No. 96-004 / PM of January 9, 1996, amended and supplemented by Decree No. 2000-272 / PRN / PM of August 4, 2000, the CNEDD is attached to the Office of the Prime Minister. Its mission in relation with all stakeholders is to develop, coordinate the implementation, monitor and evaluate the National Environment Plan for Sustainable Development (PNEDD), a reference framework for policy in Niger. It is the National Focal Point for all post Rio conventions (CCD, CBD, UNFCCC).


The National Council for the Environment for Sustainable Development in Niger organized an international workshop in early March 2015 to share experiences, lessons learned and emerging successes in terms of food security and resilience. The workshop, organized as part of the regional project "Adaptation to Climate Change for Food Security in Africa" brought together 11 southern countries in Niamey.

The aim is to promote the promotion of South-South cooperation and to improve the understanding of community-based adaptation initiatives, in particular, the gender dimension, climate information systems for informed decision-making. and integrated planning approaches.

The results obtained are the setting up of a community of practitioners between projects thus offering the opportunity to share their experiences.

Supported by: UNDP

Implementing Agency: The National Council for the Environment for Sustainable Development (CNEDD) Niger

UNDP Niger.
Amata Diabate
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