ART-ISI@MED Initiative (Information Society Initiative for the Mediterranean)

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  • Location(s): Lebanon
  • Type(s): Mechanism
  • Theme(s): Technology
  • SDG(s): 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Locations in the Arab States: Lebanon
  • Types in the Arab States: Mechanism
  • Themes in the Arab States: Technology
  • SDGs in the Arab States: 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Geographic focus: Lebanon, Syria and Morocco; with a view to expanding to other Mediterranean (Tunisia) and Sub-Saharan countries (Mauritania, Senegal and Gabon).

Thematic areas supported by the mechanism: 

ART-ISI@MED is an operational platform designed to address the digital divide between the North and the South of the editerranean with areas of intervention at the local level: ICTs for strategic urban planning, economic development, and community empowerment.

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Results from the Field:

  • Lebanon: A Geographic Information System Platform was established in Tripoli with the participation of the Municipalities of Tripoli and Malaga (Spain) and the collaboration of the Al Fayhaa Urban Community.
  • Morocco: The city of Malaga was paired up with the cities of Oujda and Chefchaouen to provide software and training for the management of human resources, as well as an advanced document management system.

Throughout 2012 a series of ART-ISI@MED workshops took place in Morocco, Lebanon, and Senegal with the aim to building the capacities of local authorities and policy makers. Each one of those events coincided with the launching and/or presentation of the ART/ISI@MED Initiatives in the field.

Countries that benefited:

Lebanon (Tripoli Municipality) and Morocco (Oujda and Chefchaouen Municipalities) were selected to implement the first-phase pilot initiatives. During the second phase, results and best practices will be transferred to other Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan countries, like Mauritania (Kaédi Municipality).

Results to Date:

Through the ART-ISI@MED Initiative:

  1. The ICT solutions that were implemented contributed to the improvement of public administration and services’ delivery to citizens with encouraging results in increasing efficiency and fostering accountability of the public sector.
  2. The ICT solutions were developed in Arabic and are based on free software, which can be easily transferred from one Arab State to the other, economizing efforts and funds.
  3. More than 25.000 citizens benefited from the implementation of the ICT solutions in Tripoli, Oujda and Chefchaouen, and more that 30.000 will benefit in Kaédi.
  4. Innovative funding mechanisms were applied through the mobilization of a large network of decentralized cooperation (DC) partners and the harmonization at the local level by the use of common diagnoses, therefore reducing the cost of development aid.
  5. The potential of South-South and Triangular Cooperation and scaling-up of successful experiences is showcased in the transfer of the ICT project of Chefchaouen to Kaédi with the technical and financial support of Malaga through the ART-ISI@MED framework.
  6. There are a number of strategic partnerships and DC partners involved: DAECT, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), Region of Champagne Ardennes, Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d›Azur, Municipality of Marseilles, France and Municipality of Malaga, Spain.

Most Recent Annual Budget (USD): 128,240

Total Budget (USD): 400,400

Focal Point and Contact:
Kelly Papadaki
ART Initiative, UNDP Geneva
11-13 Chemin des Anémones, 1219 Châtelaine
Geneva, Switzerland
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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