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Welcome to South-South World

Welcome to South-South World

This mapping tool offers you an opportunity to share the knowledge and skills you have learnt from solving specific developmental issues in your own country. This is what South-South Cooperation is all about, understanding the unique local needs of countries, and finding relevant solutions that have already been proven successful by other countries in a similar situation. South-South Cooperation is helping to improve the lives of citizens around the world. Are you interested in learning or sharing solutions?

Sharing Mechanisms and Solutions

If you are interested in sharing your experience in overcoming development problems, we encourage you to first download the solution profile template, then submit it to our team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you have filled it out. Once submitted the solution will be reviewed by us and placed on the South-South World Mapping Portal.


Our Objectives

The mapping portal can be of great benefit to a variety of online users, especially if you are working as a government official at the level of being the national focal point agency on South-South Cooperation. You may also like to use the mapping portal if you are working in line ministries and other government agencies at national and sub-national levels, and are interested in advancing your work through South-South Cooperation. It will also be of great value if you are a programme and project staff member of a United Nations agency, fund or programme, or someone who works in other multilateral and bilateral organizations, or someone who works in the civil society and private sector institutions. We aspire to work collectively together in advancing all different types of South-South Cooperation in the Africa, Arab States, Europe and the CIS region, and beyond.


To provide you with a one-stop shop access to practical, easy-to-use expertise on the broad range of the existing South-South Cooperation mechanisms and solutions in the Africa, Arab States, Europe and CIS regions.


To support you in better understanding the existing regional trends in South-South Cooperation, and to also illustrate the capacity gaps that prevent certain countries in the region from taking full advantage of the potential benefits of South-South Cooperation.


To offer you visibility as an important stakeholder in the field, acknowledging your achievements and encouraging you to further increase your efforts in advancing South-South Cooperation in the region.

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